Sometimes, out of the blue, something comes along that just really makes your day!

In this day and age, it's rare, and a treat, to receive a hand written thank you note. It's so easy to just simply send a quick email or text message and call it good, and I will freely admit that I am very guilty of doing this as well. Hopefully, this will serve as a reminder (to me at least) as to how important it is to write a real thank you note, put a stamp on it, and send it out.

Thank you Alyson & Tom!

Photos from their wedding are here: 


bloomington wedding alyson-1

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September was shaping up to be a slow month, so Rhonda and I decided to plan a vacation to Utah's national parks known as the Grand Circle. Our trip included Arches, Canyon Lands (Islands In The Sky district, and The Needles district), Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. Even though most of that area is considered canyon type terrain, each area we visited was very different and worth seeing!

We started our three week hiking trip in Arches National Park. This was the week that Colorado was receiving those historic flash flooding rains, and we were getting most of those rains in the Moab area as well. We WERE able to get in a few dry days of hiking at Arches before it was time to move on.

I had been thinking about doing some light painting before leaving on this trip and I had hoped that one of the arches might be a good subject. As it turned out, many would have been excellent subjects. The one I chose was North Window which is located in the Windows district of Arches NP. My original plan was to use a very bright LED flashlight to paint light on an otherwise underexposed image until I had highlighted the areas I liked. As I was setting up my gear, another photographer showed up with the same idea as me (imagine that). His plan was to use a hot shoe flash to pop bursts of light as he walked along the bottom of the arch. After experimenting with the LED light, I decided to make a few exposures as the other guy was making his. We ended up working together to create some really nice images. Here is one of my favorites of the shoot.


north window arches-1 

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Daniel and Erin exchanged vows on August 18, 2013 at the Marott, downtown Indianapolis. It was a pleasure working with Daniel, Erin, and their families, and I think we captured some great images of the happy couple! Also, a special thanks to Natalie Love of Events by Love, and her assistant for all their hard work before and during the wedding. As I go through each wedding, there are always a few images that stand out above the others. Here are some of my favorites from Daniel and Erin's special day!


daniel erin-5

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