Vinnie and Samantha were married at St. Marks United Methodist Church in Bloomington, Indiana, and their reception was at the Bloomington Convention Center. After the ceremony, we loaded into the limo and headed for IU campus for a few quick photos. Campus is a great place to shoot and consequently is very popular, and busy. I was surprised to notice that most people tried to avoid being in our shots, and I really appreciated the effort. Many thanks to Vinnie, Samantha, Lisa, and Craig for booking with us and allowing us to capture their special day!
Here are a few highlights from Vinnie and Sam's wedding. As always, please feel free to leave comments for Vinnie & Sam.



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Who woulda thought to have a wedding at a greenhouse...well, Nikki & Sean did, and I'm really glad they did. What a great setting this was, especially for a country themed, outdoor wedding! We started our day at the Seasons Lodge in Nashville, IN for the getting ready and final prep photos. Really like the dark wood and rustic colors of the lodge. From there, we headed off to Critser's Greenhouse near Morgantown, IN for the ceremony and reception. I was amazed to see all the details that Nikki and family put into the reception area. Each table had it's own special look. We had a lot of fun working with Nikki & Sean, from their engagement session, all the way through the wedding, and we wish them all the best.
Below are a few highlights of their day. Please feel free to leave comments for Sean & Nikki ~ enjoy!


todd studio photography greenhouse wedding 001

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This was our first time shooting at the Inn At Irwin Gardens, and what a great place to shoot! We had actually been there for a networking meeting once before, so I kinda knew what to expect. We shot around the property for just over an hour and then headed over to another favorite place, the old Cummins Headquarters. Seems like we're spending a lot of time in Columbus these days. I'm even getting to know some of the strange one way street patterns. I did end up in driving into a parking lot and having to backtrack to get out....oh well.

We had a great time photographing Sean and Nikki! Can't wait to cover their wedding at Critser's Greenhouse!

Here are a few of my favorites from their session. Feel free to leave comments for Sean & Nikki!


columbus wedding photography 001

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Tegan and Rahawne were recently married at the Garfield Park Conservatory's sunken garden area in Indianapolis. This is a beautiful place for outdoor weddings, with lots of flowers and stone walkways. The weather was a bit warm but not unbearable, well unless you were in a tux and wedding dress. Despite being hot, everyone did a great job of posing for photos and making sure the wedding went off without a hitch (pun intended). Tegan and Rahawne are such great people and it was a genuine pleasure doing their engagement photos and covering their wedding. We wish them the best for a long and happy life together!!

Here are a few favorites of the day. As always, feel free to leave comments for Tegan & Rahawne.


garfield conservatory wedding Rahawne 002

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